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What may I recycle?

It's an exciting time for recycling enthusiasts as Curbie expands its portfolio of accepted recyclable materials! Curbie is continuously striving to be a part of the solution towards a greener planet and, in the process, it's making recycling at home easier than ever.

So, what exactly can you recycle?

Metal Cans Whether it’s aluminum, steel, or tin, your food and beverage cans are ready to be transformed. Don’t forget to rinse them out before placing them in your recycling bin.

Plastic Containers Curbie accepts plastic containers from various aspects of your daily life. This includes jugs, tubs, bottles, and jars from your food, beverage, personal care, or household items.

Glass Bottles and Jars Clear, brown, green – all colors are welcome when it comes to glass bottles and jars. Just give them a rinse, and they’re good to go.

Milk & Juice Cartons and Juice Boxes Curbie is now accepting gable-top cartons and aseptic containers! This means your milk and juice cartons, along with juice boxes, can now join the recycling journey.

Mixed Paper From newspapers and inserts to catalogs and junk mail, mixed paper forms a considerable part of our recycling program. That magazine you’ve finished reading, the cereal box from breakfast, or even that empty paper egg carton – it’s all recyclable. And yes, we haven’t forgotten about those old phone books! Post-it notes, brown paper bags, and paper towel rolls, office paper, envelopes, manila envelopes/folders are also welcome.

Corrugated Cardboard Corrugated cardboard can also be recycled. Just flatten it and place it under your recycling bins.

Sorry, no can do!
(don’t be a “wishful recycler”)

However, because we love to recycle, we hate ever to turn anything away, but there actually ARE some things we can’t accept at Curbie. Here are the top ten items that Curbie receives but can’t accept:

  1. Plastic Bags
  2. Aluminum foil
  3. Black microwaveable trays
  4. Plastic film (bubble and plastic wrap)
  5. Styrofoam / Packing peanuts
  6. Dishes
  7. Mirror and window glass
  8. Motor oil bottles
  9. Metal items that are not cans (like frying pans / pots)
  10. Shredded paper
  11. Amazon mailers (most)

While we’re unable to process these materials at this time, we’re always working on expanding our capabilities.

Remember, each material you recycle is a step towards a more sustainable planet. With Curbie’s expanded recycling capabilities, it’s easier than ever to make a difference. Let’s continue to strive for a cleaner, greener world—one recyclable at a time.

Curbie Recycling List
Curbie Recycling List
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