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We Make Recycling Easy!

Serving the greater Asheville area of Western North Carolina.

Take the Curbie virtual tour!

Watch a video tour of Curbside Management’s facility, also known as Curbie. Curbie is a company that collects, processes, and sells recyclable materials. They started in March 1991 as a private recycling collection company in the Asheville area, serving over 30,000 residents!

Today, the company has grown significantly and operates with a workforce of 75, managing a fleet of 13 vehicles. In August 2003, the company opened a Material Recovery Facility to process all the recycling materials, handling tons of materials monthly.

We help recycle things.

Residential, Industrial & Commercial Recycling Services for Buncombe County
Curbie Workforce

Residential Recycling

Curbie collects recycling for the City of Asheville, and the towns Fletcher, Woodfin and Weaverville.


Industrial Recycling

We visit your plant onsite to put together a one-on-one customized plan for your needs. Our recycling program for factories and industries follows the highest sustainability standards.

Commercial Recycling

Whether you're a small business or a large organization, Curbie is here to take care of all your recycling needs.

Convenient Drop-off Center

We offer the convenience of a cardboard drop-off center for easy use. In addition, we collaborate with Buncombe County Transfer Center and the landfill to accommodate the recycling of various other materials.

Confused about what's recyclable?

Try the Waste Wizard!

The fastest way to figure out how to dispose of something in the City of Asheville area is by using the online Waste Wizard. This tool will tell you exactly what can be recycled and where you need to take your non-recyclable items to safely get rid of them.

Absolutely NO PLASTIC BAGS in your Recycling Bin EVER.