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Industrial Recycling Services

Even if you do recycle currently, Curbside can help you explore other options to expand what you do and ways to make it simpler for everyone involved.  The object is getting all the value you can out of recycling and cut down on landfill costs.

Curbside Management will come to your facility and help to analyze your waste to see if there is anything that could be recycled and diverted from the landfill and customize a recycling plan for you.

  • Spotting a trailer
  • Providing Gaylord boxes and other containers for collection
  • Finding a home for hard to recycle items
  • Combining your material with other factory’s material and finding a home for it

Examples of “other” recyclables:

  • Shrink wrap
  • Cardboard cores
  • Waxy Cardboard
  • Green plastic strapping
  • Other miscellaneous plastic scraps
  • Paper (treated, etc.)
  • Metal & Plastic barrels

Education is the key to a successful recycling program. The more you can educate:

  • Higher participation
  • Less contaminants found in the collected materials
  • Fewer complaints
  • More efficient your program will be in the long run
  • Lower garbage bills each month
    • Divert recyclables
    • Look in the dumpster just prior to pickup by the garbage contractor to see if the dumpster is being used to near capacity – can you cut back?
  • Curbside has numerous resources – flyers, tours of our facility, etc. – Let us know what assistance you need.

Reach us by phone 828-252-2532 or email at

Recycling means good business.

Industrial Recycling Services
Industrial Recycling Services
Curbside Management Workforce
Industrial Recycling Services
Industrial Recycling Services