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Out with the bags!

Plastic bags and strapping clog up Curbie's recycling machinery, and cause wasted time and equipment damage.

Plastic bags and other film plastic are very difficult for Curbie to handle in our Material Recovery Facility. Please keep plastic bags out of recycling carts and drop-off bins. They clog up our equipment and can cause a lot of wasted time and even equipment damage. At least twice a day, we have to shut the entire sorting facility down and send in people with box cutters to cut the plastic bags out by hand.

If you use bags to collect recycling, we encourage you to please empty the items into the cart , but do not include the bag. Better yet, use a tub, box or bucket to collect recycling and reuse it each week.

 Ask these plastics questions to discover what can be recycled: 

1) Is it a container? 

2) Does it have a number? 

3) Does it (vaguely) come from a grocery store?  

If “yes” to all three, then YES is the answer. 

ONLY PLASTIC CONTAINERS: Jugs, tubs,  bottles and jars

· No Plastic Shopping Bags

 · No Plastic Garbage Bags

· No Plastic Film

· No Cereal Liner Bags

· No Ziplock or Sandwich Bags

· No Dry Cleaning Bags

· No Shrink Wrap

· No Plastic Bubble Wrap

· No Chip Bags

· No Six-Pack Beverage Rings

Plastic bags are not currently accepted in the recycling program

• We promote the use of re-useable bags for shopping.

• We encourage people to recycle the bags at Wal-Mart, Ingles, Target etc.

So, NO plastic bags or film of any kind.

The good news is that most grocery stores offer plastic bag recycling.

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