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We have answers to just about any question you might have about recycling in Western North Carolina. But if you can’t find the answer here, drop us a line and we’ll do our best. For more specifics on recycling on your municipality . . . go to one of these links: ASHEVILLE,  FLETCHER, WOODFINWEAVERVILLE, or BUNCOMBE COUNTY. REMEMBER: The materials that can be recycled – and their preparation – are the same in all the locations.

Probably not immediately, but many municipalities are taking a dim view of it. Because the waste takes up so much space and takes so long to decompose, cities like Minneapolis and Seattle have banned to-go containers made of polystyrene foam, also known as styrofoam.

Every little bit makes the job  easier, don’t you agree?

Do you know where your plastic bottles go?

Are they made into more bottles or something else? The answer in this video may surprise you!

Is styrofoam on the way out?

Something else-again!

Curbie is now accepting more recyclable materials!

In addition to all the other recyclables we accept, you may now recycle:

They take recycling seriously!

All over the world, people depend on recycling every last piece of plastic, glass, and metal. In parts of Cairo, Egypt, for instance, families sort out each tiny piece of blue plastic from bright green, bright green from dark green and so on.

    Meanwhile, in Mumbai, India’s first-ever polyethylene (PET) bottle recycling machine for consumers was launched by Bisleri International here. For over a decade, Bisleri International (see picture) has been working on enhancing recycling of used PET bottles in India.


Curbie makes the job a little easier, don’t you agree?

Let's be clear about plastics:  Only food, beverage, personal care or household plastic containers are accepted. Exceptions: Sorry, but we still can’t accept black microwaveable trays, Styrofoam, or plastic bags.


We accept milk and juice cartons and juice boxes!

(Gable top cartons and aseptic containers)

Everything has a place,

and everything in its place

Curbside Management’s sole business is the collection, processing and marketing of recyclable materials. CMI (widely known as Curbie) began service in March 1991 as a private recycling collection company serving Asheville-area residents. CMI presently operates a fleet of 13 vehicles and employs a workforce of 50. In August 2003, CMI opened its Material Recovery Facility where we process all of the recycling material. CMI is currently processing and shipping in excess of 1000 tons of material per month. CMI processes material from Buncombe, Henderson, Madison, Transylvania, and Yancey counties.


Cap and trade bottle tops?

Students at Ranger Elementary School in Murphy, North Carolina designed and built this beautiful mural from recycled plastic bottle caps (photo by Michelle Mock)

It’s simple to find out what you can recycle.

Food, beverage, personal care and household plastic containers—but still no Styrofoam or plastic bags

Hard 2 Recycle Events

Find out more at www. ashevillegreenworks.org/hard-2-recycle

Curbside Management • 116 N. Woodfin Avenue • Asheville, NC 28804 • Telephone: 828.252.2532 • Fax: 828.251.2588 • EMAIL

Can't do. Yes, there are still a few things we cannot do.

If you don't know what qualifies as trash and cannot be recycled, call us.