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Commercial Services

Curbie provides so many services


Curbie takes it away--and gives you back so much more to build up your business.

• Curbside provides recycling pick-up at your place of business.

• Helps create a positive environmental image to your customers

• Saves you money on reduced dumpster fees

• Provides opportunities for environmental recognition for recycling in the workplace.

• Helps you preserve resources, conserve energy, reduce air pollution, and saving water

• Provides CERTIFICATION of ABC recycling compliance.

Did you know that 70% of all office waste is paper?...
Curbside collects paper materials:

• White paper

• Colored paper

• Newspaper

• Phone Books

• Catalogs

• Computer print-out paper

Curbside accepts the following co-mingled material:

• Aluminum cans

• Glass bottles or jars (green, brown or clear)

• All Plastic bottles, jugs and containers #1 -#7

• Steel / Tin

• Corrugated Cardboard

Special Collection Services:

• Special events: Weddings, Festivals

• Office: Parties, Cleaning days, Relocation

 *There is a small fee for large pick-ups

Determining your Recycling Needs

Curbside Management, Inc. can assist you in determining whether bins, roll-out carts (40 or 90 gallon) or dumpsters (2 or 4 cubic yard) are appropriate and most efficient to use for your business. CMI will also assist you in determining the frequency of recyclable pick-ups you may require. Please contact Curbside at (828) 252-2532 and allow us to assist you in customizing a program that suits your exact individual needs.

ABC Compliance

Effective Jan. 1, 2008, holders of ABC permits will be required by laws to separate, store and recycle all recyclable beverage containers. Curbside Management can help. For full details on the recycling requirements defined under this law please visit www.p2pays.org.

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Something else, again!

FROM THE CURBIE NEWSWIRE – There's a reason that the three Rs go in this order: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. To truly reduce your environmental impact, recycling should be the last step after you've exhausted the other two options.

Let's be clear. Recycling is amazing. It allows the materials in otherwise one-use objects to go on to become something new and saves resources over sourcing new materials, but the unfortunate part of recycling is that it is water- and energy-intensive. Typically, plastic is washed with detergents and then ground into smaller pieces or beads. Those pieces then have to be dried in order to crystallize, which involves exposing it to 180 degree Celsius heat and then cooling it back down with water.

A new process developed by Ak Inovex in Mexico recycles plastics with zero water. It is able to form the plastic beads with no excessive temperatures either, meaning that the technology not only saves water, but uses half the energy of conventional recycling methods.

The water-free method can process more than 90 percent of any type of plastic, including styrofoam, polystyrene, PET and ABS. Because it is a simpler method, it requires less space and, according to Ak Inovex, the beads produced are of a higher quality.

Gizmag reports that the technology utilizes special walls that, "on contact, are able to both mold the plastic into the desired pellet shape and cool those pellets at the same time," in place of high temperatures and water baths. Ak Inovex has a patent pending on the three different technologies that make this possible.

Commercial Services

Recycling means good business.

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Curbside Management’s sole business is the collection, processing and marketing of recyclable materials. CMI (widely known as Curbie) began service in March 1991 as a private recycling collection company serving Asheville-area residents. CMI presently operates a fleet of 13 vehicles and employs a work force of 50. In August 2003, CMI opened its Material Recovery Facility where we process all of the recycling material. CMI is currently processing and shipping in excess of 1000 tons of material per month. CMI processes material from Buncombe, Henderson, Madison, Transylvania, and Yancey counties.

Curbside Management • 116 N. Woodfin Avenue • Asheville, NC 28804 • Telephone: 828.252.2532 • Fax: 828.251.2588